Beach Talk 5 – What’s Holding You Back?

Beach Talk 5 – What’s Holding You Back?

This is a series of beach walk and talk videos that Bernie and Susan are producing on a variety of short topics.

In this video, they talk about some of the possible roadblocks to embarking on an adventure or reaching a creative goal. Their emphasis is on generating thought for getting past these potential holdups.

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About Bernie

Bernie is a general preparedness writer, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He’s passionate about sharing his ideas and experiences with others. He enjoys hiking, photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.


  • Nathan says:

    Bernie first I want to thank you & your wife for all the rv info you have passed on. I hope you find a way to continue this wonderful lifestyle for as long as you want. I’m very close, my rig is a 3500 dodge and 40’’ solitude and I’m semi retired and waiting on my girlfriend. Took our first three week trip to the keys last month and now I’m ready for that three month trip. If your ever in the Houston area I would like to meet you both. Enjoy

    • Bernie says:

      We appreciate you connecting with us. We hope that you and your girlfriend share some amazing adventures together. It would be fun to meetup. 🙂

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