Food and Drink Enhancements for Travel

In this video, Bernie and Susan show some of the things that they use to save money on food and beverage-related items while living and traveling full-time in their RV.

Links to items mentioned in this video:
Whole Earth Sweetener Packets
[Recommend the packets over their liquid or powder.] True Lemon & Orange (…) Packets
Spice Shaker
Mini Salt & Pepper Shaker
Brush/Bristle Toothpicks
Electrolyte Packets
Electrolyte Packets (Second Choice: Ultima):
Instant Coffee Packets
Mushroom Coffee
Keto Coffee
Cheap Lightweight, Compact Canister Stove
Better Canister Stove (in Wind etc)
Titanium Mug for Boiling Water & Nesting Stove Kit
Multi-fuel Camping & Emergency Stove

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About Bernie

Bernie is a general preparedness writer, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He’s passionate about sharing his ideas and experiences with others. He enjoys hiking, photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.