Goods & Gadgets for Travelers

Goods & Gadgets for Travelers

Bernie and Susan present several practical ideas for gifts for those who travel and go on excursions. They are quite useful for everyday life.

Links to items mentioned in this video:
Carabiner & Hook
Headrest Hooks
Steam Clip MultiClip
Aukey Fast-Charging, Wireless Power Bank w/Stand
Aukey Compact Power Bank
Neck Pillow (for Poolside Comfort)
Milk Frother (Beverage Mixing)
Molle Versatile Bottle Holder
Molle Auto Organizer Panel (Wheelchair, Stroller too!)
Molle Clips and Fasteners
Molle Pouches
Ocoopa Hand Warmer
UBeesize Flexible Tripod

Playlist for Other Low-Cost and Useful Gift Ideas:

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About Bernie

Bernie is a general preparedness writer, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He’s passionate about sharing his ideas and experiences with others. He enjoys hiking, photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.