Photo Tips for Travelers

Photo Tips for Travelers

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  • Lora says:

    I was watching one of your videos tonite (3.12.18) in which you talk about pests in/around the RV and mentioned spiders are not uncommon inside the RV. I am a fairly extreme arachnaphobe and this issue worries me quite a bit. Other bugs don’t bother me much, but spiders freak me out close to 100%. Are there methods you are aware of in which one can seal the many small openings under and all thru the trailer to prevent pests from entering the RV? Also, none of the windows seem to have screens, unless the daylight roll-down screens act as such. How do you keep insects from entering the trailer when your windows are open ?

    • Bernie says:

      We do our best to seal openings. All of our windows have actual screens (like on a house), but they are located on the inside for an RV. We have to be careful that they don’t come inside on ourselves too. Thanks for watching and commenting.

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