RV Campsite Tour

RV Campsite Tour

Bernie and Susan share their current RV campsite setup and talk about some of their gear.

Links to items mentioned in this video
Popup Canopy
Outdoor LED Lights
Our Coolaroo 13′ x 7′ Rectangular Shade Cloth
Other Shade Cloths
Table Top BBQ Grills
[Note: We have a Nexgrill Fortress™ 2.0 Two-Burner Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas Grill] Our Small (1+-gal, 5-Pound) Propane Tank
Our Counter-Top/Table Protector Mats
Other Heat-Resistant Mats
Our Seat/Knee Seating Cushions
Our Trail Camera (Deer Cam)
Other Trail Cameras

Videos mentioned:
Our Popup Canopy Video
Our Travel Gifts II Video (feat. Sit Pads)
Beach Talk 2 – Rest
Our Hammock Video

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Bernie is a general preparedness writer, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He’s passionate about sharing his ideas and experiences with others. He enjoys hiking, photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

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