RV Hookup Accessories for new RVers

RV Hookup Accessories for new RVers

There are helpful RV hookup accessories that often do not come with an RV purchase. In this video, several items are shared that we use to help with our full hookup needs. It’s likely that these suggestions might not work for everyone and/or their type of RV. Hopefully, there’s something of use for you to make your RV (hookup) adventures go more smoothly.

Here are links to some featured products:

Water Hose “Y” Splitter

Water Filter

Pocket Hose

Fresh Water Hose

Heated Water Hose

Water Pressure Regulator

Water Pressure Gauge

90 Degree Elbow

Water Pump Joint Groove Pliers

15′ Sewer Hose

10′ Sewer Hose Extension

Sewer Hose Support

Sewer Hose Gate Valve

Sewer Hose Clear Elbow

Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) Hand Sanitizer

Disposable Gloves

RV Surge Protector

Collapsible Crate

50A to 30A (..) Adapters

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