Breakdown Update Q&A

Breakdown Update Q&A

We’re doing good and currently traveling in the Southwest.

We’ve been receiving a lot of wonderful messages loaded with genuine concern and uplifting comments from viewers of our Breakdown Video. Some have raised questions or issues that we’re answering in this post.

Q: Why didn’t you pull farther off the road into the pullout?
A: When we pulled off the highway, there was an 18-wheeler truck in the space (which left shortly after we pulled in).

Q: Why didn’t you fill your truck with water/coolant (after the engine cooled) and continue to drive in search of help (town, shop, cell service, etc)?
A: After assessing the situation (having made contact with the shop), we made the decision to remain where we were at (and await the tow company) due to a number of factors (including but not limited to): we didn’t want to pull back out on the Interstate and put ourselves and other drivers in a precarious situation (under our circumstances – which aren’t the same for everyone); we were informed that not only could we potentially void the warranty coverage but the engine compartment could have caught fire (based on credible evidence and actual, recent experience of others – under a manufacturer recall); and, the stretch of highway that was ahead of us and behind us involved significant climbs along narrow stretches.

Q: Why didn’t we fix it ourselves?
A: Bernie has replaced several water pumps on other brands of vehicles that we’ve owned in the past, but hasn’t been able to do this type of bending due to spinal damage. Moreover, we pay for roadside assistance and warranty coverage. In this case, it worked out best to have the shop do it since the parts weren’t readily available (in the area) until later on that Monday (as opposed to on the weekend when we were roadside, …), and there were several other repairs and services that needed attention. We did what we felt was appropriate for us in our situation. YMMV.

Q: How many miles are on the truck?
A: Abt. 65K

Q: What is the name of the Roadside Assistance Service that you used?
A: We have a few options, but used our main truck/RV insurance company service: Farmer’s/Foremost

Issue: ‘Your RV (5th Wheel) is too heavy for your truck’ or ‘you should have a dually when pulling that RV.’
Answer: The truck manufacturer (specs), RV manufacturer (specs), and official scales all certify that our truck is more than capable of handling the load (RV as fully loaded) for which it’s being tasked. By the way, the bed of the truck being lowered is not a conclusive method of determining whether or not a truck is appropriate for the load (e.g. there are trucks that do not present this “criteria” and are inappropriate and vice versa). It’s not to say that it doesn’t present itself as evidence in many cases – though it’s not a primary or exclusive standard for which to determine appropriate load handling in all cases.

Issue: ‘You should have a better truck,’ ‘your truck is junk,’ or ‘you need this other brand of truck.’
Answer: OK, thanks for letting us know.

We’d like to say that one of the best things that has come from this breakdown situation is the good people (our viewers,…) that have contacted us in the video comments and by email. We are so happy to have made connections with you.

As always, thanks for watching our videos and taking the time to connect with us. Happy travels.

Wildly Yours,

Bernie, Susan, and Barkley

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Bernie is a general preparedness writer, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He’s passionate about sharing his ideas and experiences with others. He enjoys hiking, photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.


  • Sam says:

    Bernie, Many of us have come to know you somewhat and appreciate you and your splendid adventures and you two sharing them as well. I was so disheartened over a comment I read about your truck. I am just glad you two are safe and running at full capacity again. So many do not understand circumstances nor knowledgeable of the facts. All the best guys. Once I cross the Mississippi I’ll message you two as I still wish to treat to a nice dinner.. Sam @ wonderingtimes.

  • Jolene Creech says:

    Hi Bernie and Susan,
    So glad you guys are doing well and back on the road again! Happy travels, my friends! Love reading about your lifestyle. Just saw your video on your reasons for choosing RV lifestyle, and I completely understand your reasoning, Susan. I, too, went thru a horrible family situation when my Mom and Dad passed away one month apart back in 2011. It took me a long time to recover, and now I want my goal is to downsize and get rid of all this “clutter”, and TRAVEL!. I want to put my past behind me and see what is on the horizon. Good luck you two. Maybe we will meet someday in our travels. BTW: Love your dog!!! Our dog will be traveling with us too!

    • Bernie says:

      We’re sorry to learn of your great loss. We’re excited that you’re heading in to adventurous times. Please keep us posted, it would be great to meet you guys.

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