Choosing RV Type and Size

Choosing RV Type and Size

Watch this video for some insight into the matter of which RV type and size to choose for full time RV living.

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  • Dean Hudson says:

    Hi Bernie and Susan,
    We really enjoy watching your videos and find them very informative.
    We are in the process of ordering our 5th wheel for full time use and we are trying to decide on a 36′ 4″ rig or a 39′ 11″. We like the added space of the 39′ 11″ and it has some features that the 36′ 4″ does not. We recognize that the shorter rig would provide greater access and probably easier to maneuver but I have a question for you: If you were to do it again, would you prefer a shorter rig?
    OK, second question; do you think there would be much difference for access and maneuvering with a 3′ 7″ difference between the two?
    Our truck is a 2019 Ram 3500 DRW and can tow either model so truck consideration is not a factor.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Bernie says:

      Hi Dean, we’re glad you enjoy our videos. We’d opt for the extra space, especially for prolonged stays at parks. We wouldn’t get a smaller rig – to do what we’ve been doing. If we were constantly moving – every few days, we’d probably opt for something smaller or different. For us, it only makes a difference in access and maneuvering if there’s a space issue. We haven’t wanted to stay somewhere that we couldn’t fit. Some places that wouldn’t accommodate a longer vehicle were some national parks that we didn’t want to stay in anyway. We prefer to immerse ourselves in the local area – using an RV park or campground and visiting the sites and attractions in an area from there.

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