How we Make Money Living and Traveling in our RV

How we Make Money Living and Traveling in our RV

We share how we make money while living and traveling in our RV.

In the near future, we plan to put links here on our website that further explains how we make money.

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About Bernie

Bernie is a general preparedness writer, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He’s passionate about sharing his ideas and experiences with others. He enjoys hiking, photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.


  • Harry W says:

    Love watching the YouTube videos, I am 60 years old and understand having too much stuff, I have found all these toys seem to have a chock hold on me, I keep telling myself I will do more traveling after I get this house paid off and retired, But what if the lord calls you home first, mmm, Just wanted to say I adm y’all’s courage,
    Be safe,
    Harry and Susan from Arkansas

  • Betsy says:

    Hi Bernie and Susan,

    I have really been really enjoying your videos. Can you list specifically the places you have work camped? Just more interested in hearing about the specific places. I really like the idea of doing .more than park check-in, restroom cleaning and lawn maintenance –wouldn’t mind that but would love to do a bit more than that–leading guided hikes, little seminars, etc would be alot of fun.

    Thank you for all your time involved in producing these videos!


    • Bernie says:

      Hi Betsy, we do seminars for companies/corporations, municipalities, and for public audiences on our own – apart from workamping. We’ve done this for years, prior to living an RV lifestyle. For workamping, we recommend that you access a workamper site and look for whatever fits your desires/needs. There are opportunities that are not related to cleaning, maintenance, and office work. But we are unaware of any “seminar” type workamping jobs. Thanks for watching.

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