RV Walk-through Tour of Our Montana Fifth Wheel

RV Walk-through Tour of Our Montana Fifth Wheel

This is a video tour of our 2015 3402RL Montana Fifth Wheel RV.

This is our home.  It is not for camping – our backpacks are our campers 🙂 As a home, this is less elaborate than most houses and apartments.  We’ve had a motorhome and a pull trailer in the past.  So, we’ve been giving a fifth wheel a go since early spring of 2015.


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  • Ginger says:

    HI, First, let me say your videos are very well done, to the point, without a lot of extraneous info. My husband is retiring in December 2016. We plan to full-time RV. A big step as we have never owned an RV. We are planning this route(no pun intended) because we really don’t know where we want to live, we love to travel and hike and this seems the best way to accomplish that. We are looking at Montanas, but our biggest dilemma is whether to go 35 or 40 ft. We like nature and we know that the size of the RV will limit where we can stay. We like the 40 footers for the space, it feels more like an apartment. Will a 40 footer significantly limit where we can stay in areas that have more natural settings? We don’t want to be stuck in private campgrounds all the time where RV’s resemble stacked dominos. Also, do you find a 40 footer hard to maneuver in city traffic? If a 35 footer will be a better choice for the types of places we want to stay then we would go for that. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Happy trails!

    • Bernie says:

      Congratulations on your plans to go full-time. There are some cases that the size could be a limitation. We haven’t run into this, for any place that we wanted to stay. There are small parks, but there are also large wide-open spaces (BLM, etc). City traffic is undesirable in any size – even a car. We do our best to avoid travel in large cities, but we have driven in several. You’ll have to first decide what size you two want (or need) to be comfortable, apart from the limitations of campground and cities. Because there’s many more places than small parks and cities, so it will have to suit you beyond possible negatives (which might not be a controlling factor).

      Thank you for watching our videos and writing to us.

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