Tour of RV Issues

Tour of RV Issues

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  • Harry W, says:

    Where did you get that good umbrellas ? We are planing a. RV shopping trip this weekend ,
    You mentioned it was a little cooler’
    You know there will be upkeep and maintenance on any thing you drag Down the road ,
    You gotta. Have tools for sure,
    FYI we have our heart set on the keystone cougar 333MKS

    • Bernie says:

      We don’t recall mentioning an umbrella in this video. However, if you are referring to a handheld umbrella that we mentioned in another video, here is a link: Reflective Umbrella. We wish you well with your upcoming RV adventures. Thank you for watching.

  • says:

    This is also part of the reason we feel it is useful to do more than one RV factory tour, even if you only have your eye on one particular brand or model. Doing other RV factory tours will provide you with more information to compare and allow you to ask more questions of the tour guide. We did some tours that were conducted by extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff members who had literally been a part of virtually every aspect of manufacturing their product over many years, but tour guides like that are certainly the exception, not the rule. Some were fairly junior members of the sales team who were still learning the ropes and of course, being young and enthusiastic had clearly drunk the company s Kool-Aid and simply recited what they d been told to share with us on the tour. They weren t always equipped to answer our questions or provide deeper insights or reasons for the way things were done.

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