Maintained Weight Loss with Fitbit

Maintained Weight Loss with Fitbit

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  • Tina Dodds says:

    Dear Susan,
    I have always enjoyed watching you. I appreciate your laud back demeanor. I lost track of you 2 for a while and so happy your latest video popped up because that lead me to your website. How did i not know about this site?! It’s SOO beautiful! The photography is stunning. And now fitbit. You were speaking to my heart when you said when you were over weight you TOO had given up. Yep, thats me. My weight started to REALLY sky rocket after i shattered my foot. A plate and 8 screws. That was 2011 and its been a steady upward climb ever since. Extreme amounts of stress coupled with reinjuring my foot and here i sit. I have gone full time in my 20 ft Airstream. I feel a small ray of hope that the fit bit might be the silent helper i need. Thank you so much for your story! And thank your dear husband for making it possible! HUGS! Hope to meet you on a hiking trail!

  • LadyLoneStar says:

    Hi Susan. Greetings from a fellow “loser”. LoL You are a great encourager for weight loss. You’ve done a great job!! Congratulations. I’ve lost 30 pounds, half way to my goal of releasing 60, LoL
    I understand you love the FitBit, I used to also. (I had a Flex because you can wear it swimming)

    However recently found a different tracker (inexpensive too!) It comes with two bands (black and blue). Its called Very Fit Pro. It’s a tracker, heart monitor, clock, timer, has the date, tracks sleep, and even has a breathing exerciser. Check it out on Amazon. You might like it. The battery lasts about a week between USB chargings. I liked mine so much, got my hubby one too. Let me know what you think about it. It’s water resistant also. For tracking my food, I use SparkPeople (it’s free and online), what do you use? Nice seeing your videos. Take care. Have a blessed new year.

  • LadyLoneStar says:

    Hi Susan-
    Not sure where my comment went so if this is a repeat…either cancel it and post the other one. LoL (bossy, huh? Sorry)

    I was writing to congratulate you on your success….as a fellow “loser” I understand how difficult it can be. I am half way to my goal…I have “released” 30 pounds, to date. I used to use the FitBit also. (Mine was the Flex because it’s water resistant, I wore mine swimming) I had several different bands for it then they up and turned out the Flex 2. My Flex stopped holding a charge and I didn’t want the Flex 2) I checked out a new tracker. (Check it out on Amazon Fitness Tracker, Ronten R7 Plus Fitness Watch With Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker, Wireless Bluetooth Smart Bracelet with Replacement Strap for Android & IOS) I liked it so much, got one for my hubby, too. What do you use to track your food? I use SparkPeople (it’s free and online) for tracking food, water plus they have exercise videos and articles. It’s wonderful and encouraging. I pray for your continue success as a permanent “loser”. Look forward to seeing you sometime and comparing notes over a campfire. (we just got our 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 28 as a gift to ourselves) We aren’t “full-timers” but we do enjoy escaping the rat race occasionally.

    Like I said previously, if this is a repeat, feel free to delete it. Thank you for your videos, they are encouraging and entertaining. (Hi to Bernie & Barkley too) When we travel, we are 2 Blue Heelers, 3 cats, Hubby and myself. (Traveling Herd, LoL)

  • Lora says:


    I also lost a lot of weight (40 lbs, 25% of my total body weight), years ago now and have for the most part kept if off. FitBits weren’t available then, but I used a free online calorie counter web site to help me track my intake versus my exercise. It took me 9 months and all the usual events occurred in that the first 30 days or so were really rough, then I plateaued at about my 1/2 way point (which was very discouraging). I applaud your success, I know it requires a lot of commitment to not only reach but also maintain a goal weight. My weight is once again very slowly creeping up again, so watching your video reminds me it’s time once again to ramp up my activity level and cut back a bit on my caloric intake.

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