Montana 5th Wheel Comparisons

Montana 5th Wheel Comparisons

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  • Chuck Thomas says:

    Bernie & Susan,
    Thanks for all the great videos and info you have shared!
    I noticed in the video that what looks like a piece of trim had popped on the front of the kitchen island. Wife and I had looked at a 2016 3402RL that the trim on the back wall had popped and was lying on the floor. Has this been an issue, granted small, in your coach?

    • Bernie says:

      You’re Welcome, Chuck. We also noticed that piece of loose trip. When we first picked up our RV from the dealership, there was a piece of loose trim (that they promptly fixed). There are now two pieces (different than previously fixed) that are loose. They are on my to-do list. This can be quite common. The 5th wheel is going through an “earthquake” of jolting going down some highways. Also, there is an expansion and contraction that takes place when in wet and dry climates. Carry a hammer and small nails. 🙂

      Thanks for watching and commenting.